Задания для обязательного выполнения «Иностранный язык» МЭБИК (2020 год)

Задания для обязательного выполнения по дисциплине «Иностранный язык» направления подготовки 38.03.02 «Менеджмент» в Курском институте менеджмента, экономики и бизнеса. – Курск: типография МЭБИК – 8 с. Идентификатор публикации: ТМ-009/67

В обязательном порядке обучающийся должен письменно выполнить все задания из основного учебника Английский язык для общения: Учебное пособие для высших учебных заведений. – Коллектив авторов – Курск, изд-во МЭБИК, 2017, Unit V. В качестве обязательных заданий вам необходимо выполнить комплексный грамматический тест, который необходимо заполнить на бланке ответов.

Ответы МЭБИК Иностранный язык Обязательные задания

МЭБиК ответы по дисциплине Иностранный язык (направления подготовки 38.03.02 «Менеджмент») артикул 0013653 — КУПИТЬ за 380 руб.

1. If … love is kind of echo, the love poem is its mirror.
a) the b) – c) a d) an
2. … good ideas never die.
a) the b) – c) a d) an
3. … Mediterranean is the most polluted sea in the world.
a) the b) – c) a d) an
4. Scotland is one of the four constituent countries that … the United Kingdom.
a) makes up b) make up c) will make up d) is making up 1
5. The revolution in London’s transport … on the 17th February 2003.
a) has begun b) had begun c) began d) begins
6. You should salt meat as soon as you … it home even if you aren’t going to cook it for a couple
of days.
a) will get b) get c) would get d) got
7. How … the police respond when you report anti-social behaviour?
a) do b) does c) did d) had
8. The end of imperial Rome is… great mystery.
a) no b) not c) some d) any
9. So many unpleasant things happen … at airports.
a) must b) can c) should d) may
10. All children and young people… have the chance to experience top quality culture.
a) may b) must c) should d) need
11. Scientists … a ‘voice’ area in the brain of monkeys.
a) found b) are found c) have found d) have been found
12. If you … to an interview, it is because the firm is interested to find out more about you.
a) will be asked b) have been asked c) would be asked d) have asked
13. Mr. Fayed claimed that Diana … at the hands of the Royal Family for 25 years.
a) suffered b) was suffering c) has been suffering d) had been suffering
14. Since the start of the new millennium, British households … more than they earn.
a) spend b) are spending c) have been spending d) had been spending
15. Most parents do not believe that 11 to 13–year-olds are old enough to look … themselves.
a) for b) at c) after d) up
16. Many people have claimed that money … the root of all evil.
a) are b) is c) have d) has
17. There is … in the world that you feel more powerless than at the border of another country.
a) anywhere b) nowhere c) somewhere d) everywhere
18. The data … that the unemployment rate is up nowadays.
a) shows b) showed c) show
19. Let’s consider some of the particular topics, … ?
a) don’t we b) aren’t we c) do we d) shall we
20. It was like any other hotel in some ways: … a reception desk, a white piano and a restaurant.
a) there was b) there were c) there is d) there are
21…. cups of coffee are drunk every day globally.
a) two billions b) two billion c) the two billions d) the two billion
22. Coffee now is … most widely traded commodity after oil.
a) second b) a second c) the second d) two
23. When people call British unwritten constitution a … ‘ agreement’, they reveal more than they
intend. a) gentleman b) gentlemen’s c) gentleman’s d) gentlemen’
24. …. are supposedly friendly and welcoming, aren’t they?
a) Spanish b) the Spanish c) Spaniard d) the Spaniard
25. Writing about … is especially funny.
a) yourself b) himself c) herself d) themselves
26. The economy of … is a castle built on sand.
a) our b) ours c) us d) ourselves
27. Choosing a credit card … be a difficult task.
a) can b) should c) ought to d) needn’t
28. The police … to crack down people driving on drugs.
a) are trying b) is trying c) will trying d) was trying